Volunteer Opportunities

Thanks for visiting our volunteer opportunities page - please contact us at info@transitionus.org for more details about any of the following roles.

Marketing and Communications

Is marketing and communications your skill? We need your expertise to get the word out about Transition to different segments of the population, to help us refresh website text and build compelling messaging. This work is so important. Help us tell the story.

Youth Mentors

Youth are stepping up across the country to engage in building a more resilient future that is community-driven and sustainable. If you would like to connect with engaged youth as a mentor, please contact us.

Regional Reporters

Transition projects are cropping up across the country and we are looking for experienced storytellers, journalists, reporters and community weavers to help in celebrating and documenting these projects so we can all learn from our collective experience.

News Researchers

Are you a news and blog reader? Do you find yourself catching up on Transition activities or ground-breaking resilience-building news and information across the country or around the world?  We will all benefit if you can be on the lookout for Transition news stories and resilience-building articles wherever they appear in the US and let us know so we can get them up on our website.


Are you skilled in group process, organizational decision-making process, or conflict resolution?  Can you devote one or more hours a month to coaching members of Initiating Groups on the following: facilitating effective meetings, group decision-making, transforming conflict into opportunity?  Let us know!


We have a growing library of past webinars and trainings that would be great to have in readable format. If you are interested in taking a few hours to transcribe a webinar, contact us. (Eg. Conversation between Richard Heinberg and Rob Hopkins here)

Fundraising and Grant Writing

Do you have experience fundraising and/or grant writing?  Let us know how you might be able to help us in continuing our mission and ensuring that the growing number of Transition communities are fully supported.

Movement building

As our movement grows in size it grows in complexity. We could use some expert advice to help us shape effective structures & systems that will both maximize the creative unleashing of our collective genius and the sharing of it!

Energy Descent Action Plans

These are comprehensive community plans and several Transition Initiatives are on the verge of building these.  If you have engaged in a big project like this and have some ready tips on how to best organize research & data for complex projects – we could use them!

Knowledge Hub Facilitators

We are in the process of developing specific "channels" around topics important to you as you embark on the Transition journey, and we recognize that YOU are the experts in these areas.  Our intention is for these channels to contain the most useful and up-to-date resources available. Each channel will have a "facilitator" who will assist us in ensuring each topic is properly represented by suggesting books, films, videos, websites, and other related resources. We anticipate your role as Facilitator should not take more than 1-2 hours per month. Please contact us if this is something you are willing and able to take on.

Just have a few hours to devote? See what help you can offer to a Transition Initiative near you.


Thanks to our past volunteers!

KatieKatie Michels
"I am a sophomore studying geography and environmental studies at Middlebury College. I appreciate Transition's emphasis on possibilities, not probabilities, and constantly try to infuse that ethic in my life by learning, reading, and doing. I enjoy making yogurt, growing food, reading, and exploring the great outdoors."



MollyMolly Rose-Williams 
Molly was born and raised in Berkeley, California, where she participated in the Edible Schoolyard Program at King Middle School that first sparked her interest in environmental issues. She is currently pursuing this passion at Middlebury College, where she is studying environmental studies and geography, as well as Chinese and dance. In her spare time, she enjoys hiking, cooking, gardening and eating.

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