From What Is to What If: Reimagining and Rebuilding Our World

Now, more than ever, it's essential for us to come together to connect with each other, envision positive futures, rethink our national strategy, and take practical action to build community resilience everywhere.

To facilitate this process, Transition US is inviting all of our friends, supporters, partners, and members of hundreds local, regional, and national Transition Initiatives throughout this country to participate in a new campaign we’re calling “From What Is to What If: Reimagining and Rebuilding Our World.”

Named after Transition Movement founder Rob Hopkins’ 2019 book about “Unleashing the power of the imagination to create the future we want,” this campaign will consist of three overlapping phases. Please click on the links below to learn more and get involved:


Phase 1: Visioning (The Heart)

Phase 2: Strategy (The Head)

Phase 3: Stories to Action (The Hands)


As long as public health conditions permit, this campaign will culminate with our second National Gathering of the Transition Movement in the United States, which is currently scheduled to take place at Castleton University in Southwestern Vermont in June of 2021.

Anticipated outcomes from this campaign include a new podcast and skill-building webinar series, a new strategic plan, a peer learning cohort, and a book, featuring your visions from the future, your strategic ideas and feedback, and your stories of successful replicable models for building community resilience through challenging times.

Throughout this campaign, we will be calling on all those who care about our collective future to join with us in rising to meet this moment by cultivating social, economic, and environmental justice in creative and diverse ways for the benefit of all. Please click here to begin your learning journey, share your experience and insight, and connect with others who are engaged in transforming our world “From What Is to What If."

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