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Our stories hold energy. They can keep us focused on the content and energy of life as we know it. Consider the stories we carry about our family or our personal history, and see how they tend...


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Transition Culture

Banks.  We can't live with them, we can't live without them. Yet.  Much has been written about the role of banks in creating austerity, and coercing whole nations to dismantle and sell off public services and national assets, while being bailed out by the very people who depend on...


How much would you pay for an antibiotic to save your life, or that of a close family member or friend, £10, £100, £1,000, £10,000, even more?

Transition Voice

Water management is hardly progressive in California these days. Photo: roam and shoot/Flickr CC. If one more Californian tells me how “progressive” California is, I am going to scream. “Progressivism” is the term applied to a variety of responses to the economic and social problems...

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