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Transition Culture

"Dear Agony Aunt. We recently held a great event, loads of people came, and there was a real buzz. The next meeting we held, where we were planning actions, hardly any new faces came. What suggestions do you have for best capturing the energy and the people at big events and encouraging them to...


Permaculture is what we use to put into action our growing understanding that humans must fit into the web-work of the rest of life or we’ll make this planet uninhabitable for us and for countless other species. It gives us tools for social justice and for working together.

Transition Voice

Photo: Jon Bunting/Flickr. One of the most harrowing challenges of modern American life is navigating through the massive desert of our mindless, materialistic consumerism. It is within this landscape that a soul can become lost and drenched in despair. From the endless stream of vacant-eyed...