An Ecosystem of Communities Building A ReGenerative and Just Future-Now!

Political Dysfunction, rampant inequities, and extractive economies move us further away from the world we want to leave behind to future generations,

so what can we do NOW to turn the tide? All across Turtle Island (and the lands we refer to as the United States), we can see bright lights, brilliant, and brave community-led interventions helping us to reclaim our power and reimagine ways in which we can live in right relationship to the life-support systems of the earth, one another, and the greater web of life that we depend on.

What if we lean into our collective imagination and consciousness and envision a world that centers radical love, transformative healing, and justice? Let's reclaim our power, decolonize our perspective, cultivate abundance and share resources and knowledge! Together we can nurture a new balance and cultivate cultures of care, creativity, and collaboration. This is our time to thrive, will you help us write this next chapter in our planetary journey?

Four Themes Guiding Our Work

Resist what stands in the way of love, justice, and healing

Repair & Reclaim Right Relationships

Reimagine What is Possible

ReGenerate the Land And Our Spirit

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You will be joining a visionary network of change-makers and investors who believe in the work of building a regenerative and just future – NOW. We believe in uplifting the power of people and place to create new landscapes of hope. We are calling forward visionaries from across the country to the Transition journey at this pivotal moment in time!

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