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It's been 4 years since Transition Streets made its debut in the U.S., and 8 years since it was first developed and launched in Totnes, England. A lot has changed since then! New...

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In this introduction to 10 Stories of Transition in the US, Transition US Co-Director Don Hall explores the past, present, and future potential of the international Transition Towns Movement. As Hall...


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We continue with the fourth in our series of blogs, sharing experiences and resources, from regional network workshops that we ran across England and Wales. We invite you to read the first blog which sets the scene here. In the afternoon we got to the really important part of the day, after...


Why is car culture so dominant in North American life? Is it a matter of personal preference, or is it the result of extensive advertising?Those are important factors – but University of Iowa law professor Gregory H. Shill says that auto dominance has also been cemented by a myriad of laws that...