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What is ReGeneration Nation?

An ambitious and necessary campaign to nurture the paradigm shifting energy of our collective efforts to build more regenerative and just communities at every scale. We believe that nurturing and healing our relationships to people, place, and the larger web of life of which we are a part, is absolutely essential during these times of transition and transformation. Political dysfunction, rampant inequities, ecocide, and extractive economies move us further away from the world we would want to leave to future generations, so what can we do NOW to turn the tide? All across Turtle Island (and the lands we refer to as the United States), we can see bright lights, brilliant, and brave community-led innovations helping us to reclaim our power and reimagine the ways in which we can live in right relationship to the life-support systems of the earth, one another, and the greater web of life that we depend on. 

Regeneration, as meme and innate truth, speaks to a life-affirming and justice-oriented suite of solutions that is inspiring repair and reimagination of everything from employment, education, to our food and financial systems to housing and healthcare. In order to move forward in a truly transformative manner, we believe that we must come together effectively to enact systemic change grounded in a cultural ethos of equity-building, power-sharing, healing, and repair. Informed by the 2019-2021 Transition US strategic planning journey, the urgency of many compounding crisis, and inspired by the courage, creativity, and leadership of frontline communities, ReGeneration Nation is a 3 year project that will focus on nurturing a network ecosystem of regenerative communities actively sharing and co-creating the messages, models, and resources needed to reimagine and rebuild our world. 

What's Next?

Together, We Are ReGeneration Nation.

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